Find your ‘safe haven’ away from the hustle and bustle!

We know that visits to supermarkets, shopping centres and leisure destinations mean being faced with loud noises, bright lights and busy, unfamiliar environments. These anxiety inducing environmental factors can be daunting and even prevent visits out of the home.

Our goal is to reduce social isolation for individuals and families by transforming these spaces into more inclusive and accessible destinations; preventing sensory bombardment.

Utilising specialist sensory equipment, the Controlled Audio Visual Environment (C.A.V.E.) is a 30 minute experience designed to enrich your trip. A tranquil space, harnessing a beautiful balance of audio, visual and sensory stimulants composed to optimise relaxation.

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Sensory Cave video

Meet the minds behind Sensory C.A.V.E.

Designed to open up opportunities and encourage independence for individuals, findings from our control groups suggest that most visitors with a disabled family member and/or child would never even consider a trip to a shopping centre or leisure park as there are no services or ‘quiet spaces’ to ‘escape to’ if the person gets too overwhelmed. We've designed the solution!


There are 14.1 million disabled people in the UK.
8% of children are disabled
19% of working age adults are disabled

from Scope: equality for disabled people

The impact of COVID on social isolation for everyone, especially the disabled community has been vast.
Recent data collected showed that 79% of disabled people felt stressed and anxious with 23% feeling like a ‘burden on others’.

Data from – Office for National Statistics