frequently Asked Questions

How much does the experience cost?

Please see the location page to find prices of the experience near you.

How long is the experience?

Sensory CAVE is a 30 minute experience. Please try and arrive on time for your booking, if you arrive late your session will be shorter. You have a 20-minute window to enter the CAVE from the time of your booking.

Can I book back-to-back appointments?

We kindly ask that you do not book back-to-back appointments(1 hr). We’d love to keep the C.A.V.E. as a free service which allows for other users to benefit from the C.A.V.E. We have designed the experience to be an optimum length for maximum relaxation, with one session being ample time to enjoy the C.A.V.E.

Will the C.A.V.E. fit two wheelchairs?

Yes, the C.A.V.E. should allow space for two wheelchairs, although due to the octagonal shape of the structure, it may be challenging to manoeuvre both when inside. If in doubt, we’d advise booking two separate appointments.

How many people does the experience cater for?

The C.A.V.E. can comfortably house four individuals including one wheelchair or pushchair. There is space for more, however it could be challenging to manoeuvre when inside due to the shape of the structure.

I’ve booked but haven’t received a confirmation email

If you’ve booked an appointment and haven’t received a confirmation email, please check your junk folder. If there is still no sign of your confirmation, please contact us directly on bookings@sensorycave.co.uk or DM us on Instagram with the email address you used for the booking and we shall send over your details and access code.

Can wheelchairs get close to the equipment?

Yes, the equipment is wall mounted with shallow soft play seating lining the back walls to be as accessible for all as possible.

I’ve entered my code but it won’t let me in

Please firstly ensure the correct 4 digit access code is being entered. We have programmed a 20 minute window at the start of each time slot for entry which grants access to the C.A.V.E. – any later than this and the following booking will be impacted. eg. Your booking is 12:00 –12:30, if you enter your code after 12:20, you will not be granted access.

What can I expect from the C.A.V.E. experience?

The C.A.V.E. is designed to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety using specialist sensory equipment. We appreciate that everyone is different, so have designed three different settings for you to choose from to select which is best suited for yourself or the person/s you’re caring for. The C.A.V.E. houses 3 switches: 1. Press this and the equipment starts automatically 2. Press this and each piece of equipment will come on in turn. Just stop on the piece of equipment you like. If you would like to stop the sequence, press and hold down the switch for three seconds. 3. Press this and all the equipment will come on together. If you want to switch everything off, press the switch again.

Can I adjust the volume inside the C.A.V.E.?

Yes. The volume can be adjusted during your visit, located on the control panel.